(Ep. 49) Time to Upgrade with Barton Scott

On this weeks episode of The Beats, Kelly Kennedy sits down with founder of Upgraded Formulas Barton Scott. Barton acknowledges the importance that minerals play on our bodies ability to function optimally. For this reason, he has made it his mission to create minerals that effectively and efficiently absorb into the body so that we can be better versions of ourselves.

After undergoing a barrage of testing and a frantic scramble for his own health and sanity through a dizzying array of dozens, if not hundreds of supplements and herbs, and diet and lifestyle interventions, nothing was really working. Nothing really moved the needle. Faced with looming health issues and the strong possibility he would lose his job as an engineer, this was the turning point. This was the point when he decided that he must somehow solve the problem himself using his background as both a chemical engineer and nutritionist. After years of reading and research lead to a discovery and he came to realize, that a key area of his nutrition was utterly failing him. It was minerals! In this episode, Barton teaches about how not all supplements are created equal and the impact on the health of highly absorbable supplements that he formulated.

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Topics Discussed ||

0:00 | introduction

3:57 | Barton’s story

15:48 | Barton explains the importance of creating minerals that can be absorbed by the body

17:08 | Upgraded formulas magnesium is a one size fits all product

20:50 | What is hair mineral analysis looking at?

23:00 | The body runs on minerals !

26:35| Why don’t we need vitamins?

32:14 | Why are the results different for hair mineral analysis and blood work?

34:40 | Kelly shares what hair mineral analysis is to her

38:20 | Mineral stores effects our relationships as well

44:00 | How we can give birth to innovators

45:50 | Barton’s secret for the world

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Thank you Barton for being on The Beats Podcast with Kelly Kennedy! 

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