(Ep. 5) Taking Control Over Your Body’s Immune System with Dr. Mindy Pelz

On this episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy, Dr. Mindy Pelz joins us to discuss autophagy, cellular detox, and how the body detoxifies on it’s own when the body is in a state of fasting. Dr. Pelz explains how to set up and start a fast and tells us why fasting is beneficial for our immune system. She teaches us about intermittent fasting, autophagy, and ketones and tells us how we can use these tools to slow the aging process and burn fat. We also get into what it means to be metabolically flexible and why this is the state we should all be striving to be in.


About the Guest

Dr. Mindy Pelz is the bestselling author of The Reset Factor and The Menopause Reset. She hosts Resetter TV on her Youtube channel and The Resetter Podcast. She also offers virtual detox programs and online courses through the Reset Academy.


Dr. Mindy’s Website: https://drmindypelz.com/

Dr. Mindy’s Facebook page: https://facebook.com/drmindypelz/

Dr. Mindy’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/drmindypelz

Watch Resetter TV: http://bit.ly/drmindyYT

Join the Reset Academy: https://resetacademy.drmindypelz.com

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Episode Timeline:

[00:00] Intro

[01:20] Introducing Dr. Mindy Pelz

[02:46] The body’s innate intelligence

[11:35] Healthy does not just mean symptom free

[13:40] The enemy is not the virus, it’s the food industry

[14:08] What you can do to support your immune system on a limited budget

[19:49] The science behind intermittent fasting

[25:40] What is autophagy?

[32:25] What are ketones?

[43:55] How to become metabolically flexible

[49:43] Outro


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