(Ep. 16) The Orchestra of Harmony within the Body with Dr. Frank Pleus

On this episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy, Dr. Frank Pleus joins me to talk about how the body really works and why medical and dental care cannot be separated. Dr. Pleus encourages us to see beyond allopathic medicine and embrace what is possible when all health modalities work together. Dr. Pleus explains what a biological existence is and how balance and harmony can improve our lives.


About the Guest

Dr. Frank Pleus is the medical director at the Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland. He is a double board certified medical doctor and dentist working exclusively in biological medicine. Dr. Pleus believes that all levels of human existence must be integrated in order for healing to occur. Dr. Pleus educates others about biological medicine through the Marion Institute.


Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland: https://www.paracelsus.com/

Marion Institute: https://www.marioninstitute.org/


Episode Timeline:

[00:00] Intro

[01:58] Dr. Pleus’s background

[04:35] How Dr. Pleus came to study medicine and dentistry

[07:00] The approach of European biological medicine

[10:42] What affects the autonomic nervous system?

[14:10] The best part about biological medicine

[21:22] What regulation means

[23:40] How our high-paced lives make us sick and the type of environment we need in order to heal

[25:16] How Bioregulatory systems help each other and work together to make our lives enjoyable

[30:59] Why Bioregulatory medicine should be the foundation of our medicine

[35:10] The Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland


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