(Ep. 13) The Beauty Within Biological Medicine with Wolfgang Haas

On this episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy, Wolfgang Haas joins me to talk about how he has used muscle response testing or applied kinesiology to help clients as well as what muscle response testing is and what it is not. Wolfgang explains how kinesiology can be a more efficient tool than other modes of therapy and shares one of his clients’ remarkable experiences receiving the treatment. We also discuss how the cells of the body are all interconnected and the value in understanding the body as a whole.


About the Guest

Wolfgang Haas is the CEO of the Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland. Wolfgang promotes bioregulatory or biological medicine. He has undergone therapeutic training and practiced kinesiology for many years. In his kinesiology practice, he focuses on emotional, mental, and spiritual work.


Woolfgang’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/haascoaching/?originalSubdomain=ch

Wolfgang’s Website:  https://www.paracelsus.com/


Episode Timeline:

[00:00] Intro

[01:23] Wolfgang’s background

[02:48] How Wolfgang practices kinesiology

[04:05] What does Muscle Response Testing (MRT) measure?

[05:30] MRT is subjective and functions as a guideline

[09:52] How kinesiology can be more efficient than other modes of therapy

[12:32] The organs store your emotions

[14:12] How the autonomic nervous system can help access the information from the body to try to resolve underlying issues

[19:04] The difference between paracelsus biological medicine and allopathic, functional, integrative medicine

[20:50] Wolfgang’s advice for people who still feel unwell after trying different methods of detox

[22:45] The physical, emotional, and spiritual cannot be separated in treatment

[26:46] How Wolfgang maintains his calm energy

[30:25] Our emotional bodies have healing capacities


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