Self Care Over Healthcare, Holistic Healing with Dr. Scott Noorda

“If you wanna live a healthy lifestyle, if you wanna live empowered, if you wanna live elevated… you surround yourself with those happy people who can support you and motivate you and push you.”

~ Dr. Scott Noorda

Authenticity – everyone talks about it, but how many truly live it? In a world obsessed with quick fixes, the key to living authentically lies in prioritizing self-care over a “pill for every ill” mentality. By embracing a holistic approach that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit, you can unlock the path to a truly genuine and fulfilling life.

Today’s guest is a shining example of the newly evolved medical professional who has taken such authenticity in his work to heart. 

If Dr. Scott Noorda wasn’t going to take the blood pressure meds he was prescribing to the old folk he was visiting at the end stages of their life (in their own homes), then why should he be prescribing them at all?

As a studying DO (Doctor of Osteopathy), Dr. Scott learned in college that putting his hands on people was far more healing than the traditional medical advice he was being taught. A few other life-awakening moments – dealing with his father’s Alzheimer’s Disease and the elderly in their homes – fast-tracked his holistic healing approach. 

Ready to ditch the “comfort zone” and live your best life? Dr. Scott and his wife Amy, a true power couple in the world of wellness, are here to show you how! In this episode, you’ll discover the secrets of proactive health and unleash your inner healer. Learn how Dr. Scott embodies authentic wellness, and gain actionable steps to escape limitations and step into your “Growth Zone.” Tune in and unlock the power of living a longer, more fulfilling life – the authentic you is waiting! 

In this Episode:

-Meeting the new, authentic, evolved family doctor

-What’s the difference between a DO and MD?

-How our body has an innate ability to heal itself

-The importance of fascia throughout the body

-Why ‘the issues are in the tissues’

-The problem with ‘evidence-based’ medicine

-Learning to optimize your brain through lifestyle choices

-Surrounding yourself with happy people who motivate you!

-How to get into your Growth Zone!

-The importance of daily movement to bring you joy 

Follow Dr. Scott to discover more about his Brainlift Program and how he can help you live a healthier, happier life!

Website: Dr. Scott Noorda – Resolve Medical



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