(Ep. 7) The Wisdom of the Biological Approach with Dr. Sharon Stills

In episode 7, we are joined with Dr. Sharon Stills a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who provides therapeutic and diagnostic services to patients in need of a different approach. Dr. Stills has the belief that the body and mind must be treated as one; hence each person enjoys a fulfilling life and good health. She is going to be reviewing the doctrine of biological bioregulatory medicine and how different it is from functional medicine. Also, the different types of assessments are done and the philosophy is different than others.


This episode show note contains the following highlights:


[00:56] Introduction to Dr. Sharon Stills


[02:18] Dr. Stills story of how she got involved in naturopathic medicine and bioregulatory medicine


[07:26] Her philosophy and innate intelligence of how the body works


[09:53] What regulation means and how it works


[12:15] Functional medicine: a step ahead but two steps behind


[13:37] Taking care of you


[15:08] Germ theory based on Western Medicine: germs outside makes us sick   


[15:42] Dr. Stills upcoming podcast through BRMI (Bioregulatory Medicine Institute)


[17:21] Balancing and not eradicating bacteria within the body


[18:15] Why we should embrace Bioregulatory medicine


[19:06] Using meditation as a positive response to environmental stimuli


[22:15] Difference between Functional and Biological approach to testing


[24:28] Self-care as a necessity for body regulation


[31:53] Being a part of the forefront with the study of Bioregulatory medicine


[34:16] Showing symptoms is the way our body tells us that we need to respond, react, regenerate and heal


[36:34] Suppressed medical issues drive deeper into the emotional manifestation


[37:41] Addressing the individuality of people


[40:30] Self Love and Self-Healing 101



“It doesn’t matter what the diagnosis is we’re so attached to our diagnosis but it’s really about the person…regulation…about the extracellular space. It’s about the thoughts, we think and our mental and emotional states and you can apply that to any disease process.”

“It’s always easier to prevent but if we just start to look at the body and see where it is out of balance.”

“All these lifestyle choices that we make contribute to how our body regulates and because the body has to adapt to each one of those things.”

“Stress is part of the game, it’s part of being human. It’s how you respond rather than reacting.”



Website: https://www.drstills.com

All Social Media: Dr. Sharon Stills

Look out for Dr. Stills podcast hosted by BRMI.online “The Science of Self-Healing”



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