(Ep. 64) The Future of Medicine with Dr. Jagdeep Gupta

On this weeks episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy, we sit down with the lovely Dr. Jagdeep Gupta from Cloud Care Clinics in Toronto, Canada. Kelly and Dr. Gupta dive into what is truly causing our pain and what we as individuals need to do to ensure our overall wellness.

Dr. Gupta believes in holistic healing, taking the whole person into consideration when treating complex pain conditions. Using an integrative approach to treatment allows him to minimize side effects and focus on improving quality of life for each of his patients.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Simon Fraser University and a Medical Degree from the University of British Columbia. He is trained in Chronic Pain Management through the Wasser Pain Clinic and Toronto Poly Clinic.

Dr. Gupta is a proud member of the International Association for the Study of Pain, Canadian Pain Society, Canadian Association of Orthopedic Medicine, British Columbia Medical Association, Ontario Medical Association, College of Family Physicians of Canada, American Academy of Family Physicians, and Canadian Medical Association.

Show Notes ||

0:00| Introduction

3:08 | How did Kelly and Dr. Jag Gupta meet?

6:36 | Dr. Gupta’s Story

10:00 | What should we expect from future doctors

11:55 | What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

16:10 | Is plasma really just lymph fluid?

19:20 | Pain persists when there are blockages

22:04 | The importance of being in optimal health yourself before teaching others

23:10| Health is not a destination

25:13 | Kelly’s story of pain

28:15 | Kelly’s ‘Cure’ Program

30:50 | How does Dr. Jag bio hack?

33:50 | If you are not doing the basics, therapies are not going to save you

35:30 The emotional component to releasing chronic pain

37:30 | The Benefits of water fasting

39:40| The difference between compulsive actions versus conscious actions

44:20 | We don’t have to live in pain it can be resolved

47:00 | Doctors can’t cure the foundational aspects of your health

48:30 |What is Dr. Gupta’s secret?

Resources Mentioned||

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