(Ep. 52) Understanding the Relationship between Mouth & Body with Dr. Rachaele Carver

On this weeks episode on The Beats with Kelly Kennedy, we sit down with integrative and biologic dentist from Carver Family Dentistry, Dr. Rachaele Carver! You can tell that Dr. Carver loves putting the pieces together between the mouth and body to ensure overall wellness. Dr. Carver and Kelly dive into a myriad of topics about biological dentistry and the importance of looking at the mouth in tangent with the health of the entire body.

Dr. Rachaele Carver earned her DMD from UCONN school of dental medicine in 2003 and after a year residency and 3 years in Boston moved back to her home town in western MA and opened her own practice in 2009. After the birth of her second daughter she developed eczema all over her hands which led to a 10 year journey of studying natural medicine and uncovering the roots of disease.

Topics Discussed|

0:00 | Introduction

2:50 | What exactly is a biological dentist?

5:32 | How is Dr. Carver’s integrative approach different from other dentists?

11: 30 | What is a root canal?

12:27 | Our teeth are living organs!

13:45 | How our teeth grow in determines how our jaw grows and our face is shaped

17:20 | How teeth are connected to an organ

26:50 | What we’ve been doing for our teeth health versus what we need to be doing

32:00 | The other variables of teeth health

37:20 | The importance of balance

41:03 | Root canals don’t necessarily result in chronic disease

45:54 | What happens to the teeth when the body gets acidic?

48:00 | How Dr. Carver wants to be apart of your healing journey

50:00 | Dr. Carver’s message for the world

Resources Mentioned ||


Tooth meridian chart

Revitin Toothpaste


Breath by James Nestor

Connect with Dr. Rachaele Carver!



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