(Ep. 44) Whole – Body Dentistry with Dr. Mark Breiner

On this weeks episode of THE BEATS Podcast, Kelly Kennedy sits down with a long time mentor and new friend Dr. Mark Breiner. In this conversation Dr. Breiner shares his approach called whole body dentistry, which encompasses both physical and energetic relationships. Dr. Breiner believes that the paradigm of Whole-Body Dentistry is an important key to achieving greater wellbeing. And we definitely agree with him! Dr. Breiner is so passionate about his work, he truly loves what he does! To that end we are so fortunate to have him as guest on THE BEATS so he could shared his knowledge and wisdom with us all! We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!

Mark A. Breiner, DDS, FAGD, FIAOMT is a pioneer and recognized authority in the field of biological and holistic dentistry. He is health visionary with over 40 years of experience in helping patients find solutions to baffling, unresolved, and seemingly unrelated, but in fact, dental-related health problems. Dr. Breiner has been a leader in challenging the safety of placing mercury in the mouth and has identified other dental hazards to one’s health.

Show Notes||

0:00| Introduction

5:16 | What is a biological dentist?

7:07 | What does dental remediation look like at Dr. Breiner’s office?

14:07 | Dr. Breiner does energetic testing… What kind? How?

15:42 | How Dr. Breiner’s whole body dentistry compares to other dentists

18:30 | Whole- Body dentistry is not black and white

23:55 | The importance of providing patients with education so they can make informed decisions

28:50 | What does energy mean to Dr. Breiner?

34:50 | Dr. Breiner explains his true love: homeopathy

40:00 | The commonality of mistaking a dental issue for a problem actually rooted in frequency

43:50| What keeps Dr. Breiner going?

46:50 | Last words: Beware of dental insurance

Resources Mentioned||

Dr. Breiner’s Book Whole Body Dentistry Breiner

Whole Body Health Care, Fairfield CT

Tooth Meridian Chart


AEV Testing


Connect with Dr. Breiner|| Website: https://wholebodymed.com YouTube: Breiner Whole Body Health Center Facebook : Whole Body Health Center Fairfield Email : info@wholebodymed.com

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