(Ep. 39) Investigating & Healing SIBO with Shivan Sarna

On this weeks episode of the Beats with Kelly Kennedy, Kelly sits down with Shivan Sarna to discuss all things having to do with SIBO. If you think you may have SIBO, IBS, or any other chronic disease Shivan is here to remind us all that there are solutions and ways you can be treated. In this conversation Shivan shares with us what she has found along her personal investigation and hopes that this discussion will help guide or initiate your journey as well.

Shivan Sarna is the author of Healing SIBO, TV host, entrepreneur, podcaster, and health advocate. She is the creator of SIBO SOS®, the Digestion SOS™documentary series, the Gut & Microbiome Rescue Summit, and the Lymphatic Rescue Summit. After a lifetime of struggling with health issues, Shivan made it her mission to demystify her own health struggles – and to share that information with others who were struggling. Her special skill is finding and connecting with the leading expert doctors and connecting those experts with the people who need their help. Her personal mantra is SOS: Save Our Selves, and that’s what she has helped thousands of people do!

Show Notes ||

0:00 | Introduction

03:17 | What is SIBO?

06:09 | If you have SIBO no worries! There is hope

08:10 | How SIBO effects weight gain and nutrient absorption & it’s connection to the lymphatic system

10:27 | How does allopathic medicine typically treat SIBO?

12:21 | The SIBO breath test is a game changer

14:33 | You now know you have SIBO. What do you do?

17:30 | How does diet impact SIBO 

19:02 | What is the deal with Fermented food and sibo?

20:07 | The importance of persistence 

22:30 | How Shivan writing a book turned into her making summits, and the summits to come

26:00 | Underlying mechanism of causing SIBO: migrating motor complex (mmc)

30:40 | What is a pro-kinetic? And why is it useful for SIBO

33:09 | Like many of us Shivan went to a myriad of practitioners looking for an answer

34:32 | How and why opioids are an underlying cause for SIBO

39:45 | What you should do if you have SIBO or if you are having SIBO like symptoms

41:21 | The human body is an ecosystem

42:48 | Why did Shivan begin to look at health differently?

Resources Discussed ||

Healing Sibo By: Shivan Sarna


Dr. Allison Siebecker & SIBOinfo.com


Register for the Lymphatic Rescue Summit

We hope you enjoyed this episode as much as we did!

Make sure to check out Shivan’s website Sibosos.com, it contains a plethora of resources and is also where you can find her book, Healing Sibo. Shivan is also hosting the Lymphatic Rescue Summit, which premieres April 19th -25th.

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