(Ep. 29) Breast Health and the Lymphatics with Dr. Beth Dupree

In today’s episode, Kelly is joined by Dr. Beth Dupree, a board-certified general surgeon specializing in breast cancer.

She is a nationally recognized breast cancer expert who has chosen to bring her 26 years of experience and surgical expertise to the Verde Valley. What truly sets Dr. Dupree apart from the rest is the way she emphasizes the lymphatic system, and here at NOTMEDS you know we are all about educating you about the lymph! Dr. Dupree sits down with us to explain the link between breast cancer and the lymph, shedding light on so many connections and making it obvious why she requires all of her patients to go through various steps of lymphatic education before and after treatment. Dr. Dupree and Kelly touch on the multiple causes of breast cancer, how the lymph plays into this diagnosis, and what we can do to take control of our health in realizing breast cancer is more of a lifestyle diagnosis than a genetic one. They even touch on the impact of tattoos to the lymphatic system!

Her first book, “The Healing Consciousness: A Doctor’s Journey to Healing,” was released in 2006. It is the true story of her journey as a surgeon who awakens to the healer that resides within her. Dr. DuPree is a keynote speaker at many national events, primarily addressing women’s health issues, state-of-the-art breast cancer therapies, healing, and wellness.

Dr. Dupree is truly a wealth of knowledge. This is an episode not to be missed!


[01:22] Who is Dr. Beth Dupree?

[03:51] Introduction to today’s episode: Lymphatics, sentinel nodes, and breast cancer awareness

[05:02] Dr. Dupree’s first book, “The Healing Consciousness: A Doctor’s Journey to Healing”

[05:15] When will her second book be finished? In 2021 or what?

[06:00] Day job as a Breast Cancer Surgeon

[07:19] Lymph Node Sentinel Biopsy: Involvement of the lymph with breast cancer

[08:07] Using Sentinel Node Biopsy for breast cancer diagnosis

[15:10] Natural Pathway for Lymphatic Wellness

[16:36] Dr. Dupree’s perspective on the stagnant level of people’s lymphatic system

[18:55] Breast cancer is a disease related to a lifestyle more than genetically inherited

[23:25] Tattoos & your lymph nodes

[26:08] Practical steps for our lymphatic system

[30:25] It is all about the PASSION of the Lymph

[31:44] Moment of reflection to Marci Javril

“Breast cancer is a lifestyle disease more than it is of a genetic disease.”


Dr. DuPree’s Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/drbethdupree Website – https://www.drbethdupree.com/

Book – The Healing Consciousness: A Doctor’s Journey to Healing

Holy Redeemer Website – https://www.holyredeemer.com/`


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/drbethdupree/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DrBethDuPree/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/drbethdupree/

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