(Ep. 27) Practical Solutions for Oral Health with Dr. Caitlin Czezowski

In episode 27 of “The Beats with Kelly Kennedy”, Kelly brought back Dr. Caitlin Czezowski to continue the discussion of MOUTH HEALTH and AIRWAY DEVELOPEMENT!

Dr. Caitlin Czezowski is a doctor of chiropractic and certified functional medicine practitioner with extensive training in women’s health, pregnancy and children. Her passion is linking the cause of diseases and symptoms back to problems that originated in the mouth. Because of this The Dental Detox was created.

This time on “The Beats”, Dr. Caitlin is joining Kelly to discuss practical solutions to help you properly care for your mouth! She starts by diving into oral care products; what toothpastes and mouth washes to avoid and WHY, as well as what we can do to replace these unhealthy products but still reach the same results. Dr. Caitlin also shares why PLAQUE is actually a great thing for our oral microbiome! Kelly and Dr. Caitlin give the episode a grand finale as they dive into the AIRWAY and why a properly developed airway is so important–which begs the question: why are airways underdeveloped and what does an undeveloped airway look like? Don’t worry..they will answer that too!

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Youtube: Dr Caitlin Czezowski

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