(Ep. 18) Allowing Life to Happen with Ian Kennedy

In episode 18 of “The Beats with Kelly Kennedy”, Kelly is joined by Ian Kennedy, her business partner and husband. 23 years ago, Kelly saw Ian as a client and after eliminating her chronic pain due to a car accident three years prior with what he called “energy”, she became determined to understand the science behind what he did for her and so many like her.

Today, she sits down with him to dive into what that “energy” is. Ian expands upon the topic by taking us through the four energy bodies every person is made up of, how becoming more self aware in our daily lives can shift our experience, and how his own journey brought him to the place he is now, 30 years into his career.

About Ian Kennedy: Ian Kennedy was born in 1958. His early years where deeply influenced by his father who was a self educated naturalist. Ian attended Neshaminy high school graduating in 1977. He worked with the mentally disabled for many years before completing his first of many black belt rakings in both Kenpo and Shotokan Karate. In the mid 1980’s Ian founded Inner Circle Martial Arts and taught for over fifteen years. He also joined the U.S. Army and was trained as a combat medic. In 2005 Ian founded True Wellness of PA, a nutritionally based holistic health center. In 2006, he began his formal studies in the European Biological Medicine program designed by Dr. Thomas Rau, completing that program in 2008. Since that time he has continued his studies with world renowned natural practitioners and doctors committed to the Bioregulatory approach to health. Currently he sits on the board of advisors for B.R.M.I. the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute, which is a non-profit organization devoted to education and the promotion of Bioregulatory Medicine.

Today, Ian continues to guide people into what he has termed as a Bioregulatory Lifestyle. Presently he lives in Harleysville Pennsylvania with his wife, and his partner in True Wellness, Kelly and their son Silas.

About “The Beats with Kelly Kennedy”: Listen and Watch every week as Kelly and her amazing colleagues takes you on a journey from your Mouth to the inside of the cell and everything in the middle. There is no need to sit in fear of virus, cancer, bacteria, metals, emotional stress or any other toxins any longer. Rest well once you are guarded with the proper understanding and knowledge of HOW THE BODY REALLY WORKS. Welcome to the foundation of health and the world of Naturally Oriented Therapists and Medically Enlightened Doctors and Specialists (NOTMEDS.com)!

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