(Ep. 112) An Introduction to Muscle Testing: A Powerful Tool to Access Your Body’s Innate Wisdom

On this episode of The Beats, Kelly brings back her favorite guest, her husband and business partner, Ian Kennedy. Together, they take a deep dive into the topic of muscle testing and its many benefits and applications. Sometimes referred to as “applied kinesiology,” Kelly and Ian reveal how muscle testing is not only an important bio-feedback tool they use in clinical applications, but also share how it can be an effective technique for individuals seeking greater insight and management of their own health.


This discussion includes a detailed overview of how muscle testing assesses the body’s intricate electrical networks. By identifying incoherences or any dysregulation between these networks, the practitioner or individual is able to identify what potential therapies or substances might strengthen the system and rebalance the imbalances. 


Interested in learning how to muscle test yourself? Kelly and Ian are excited to announce that they will soon be offering a Master Class that will allow you to learn how to apply and incorporate muscle testing in your daily self-care routine- enabling you to access and utilize your body’s innate healing capacity!


Topics Covered in this Episode:


– Brief history and overview of the originators of muscle testing.

– Everything in the Universe is energy, frequency, and vibration.

– The body’s energetic survival mechanism.

– Muscle testing as a means of measuring your body’s response to the energetic field.

– Muscle testing as an aspect of regulation and regeneration.

– How to know if someone is not capable of muscle testing.

– Muscle testing is just one way of testing regulation; Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is another.

– The five levels of the body that perceive information: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, epigenetic.

– The issue of bias and the importance of being open to “discover” rather than “confirm.”

– The fact that we are only conscious of 10% of the emotions our body is taking in.

– Defining the “biofield.”

– Debunking myths about muscle testing.

– The importance of getting a baseline and testing for congruency.

– Kelly and Ian’s mission to help their community understand and learn the language of the body.

– The four stages of learning and how it applies to acquiring the ability to muscle test.

– How Ian has seen the benefits of muscle testing over the years.

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