(Ep. 106) The Art and Science of Transformational Healing with Dr. Kathy Yeo

This Special Edition episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy sets the stage for the upcoming Fascia and Chronic Pain Rescue Summit, Oct 24-30 where you will have a chance to listen to more than 45 health experts share their incredible wisdom. In this podcast, Dr. Kathy Yeo shares her unique journey of how she evolved as a practitioner, merging her training in both the arts and sciences, and has come to understand that transformational healing is possible when we look to nourish our souls through sound, light, movement and the power of our intuition.


Dr. Kathy Yeo is an interdisciplinary artist and an experienced holistic practitioner. With a long lineage of physicians, Dr. Kathy has been deeply involved in natural healing since a child. Dr. Kathy specializes in detoxification, sound therapy, and meditative arts. Guided by nature’s wisdom, she addresses the root cause of modern health problems by restoring the body’s fluid system and heal the subconscious mind. 


Show Notes ||


6:00 | Kat discusses her recent work in Africa working with endangered animals and the importance of studying our human origins.

8:45 | Kat’s journey as a Korean and coming to the US at age 14 and her family’s history in different medical disciplines.

18:20 | Her experience as a chiropractor and how her practice evolved into a new paradigm of healing –  a more efficient, effective, intuitive path.

22:40 | Once you understand fascia, you understand everything because life is motion, and motion is life.

29:30 | Kat believes that science and art need to be reunited.

34:30 | While tools are helpful, it is when we tap into our will and our faith that we can ultimately achieve deep levels of healing through alignment of body and soul.

43:55 | It’s easy to get someone out of pain but hard to maintain it – that’s the work people need to do on their own.

51:10 | A discussion of The Living Matrix and Dr. James Oschman’s work.

54:40 | The importance of rhythm and dance how it affects the fascia.

1:00:01| How the world would be a better place if we could all mobilize our fascia!


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IG: https://www.instagram.com/drkathyyeo

Master Course Healer Within: https://www.drkathyyeo.com/healer-within

Advanced Sound Therapy: https://www.drkathyyeo.com/soundtherapy