The Third Leading Cause

By Ian Kennedy

There has been a media focus and a healthcare crusade for a long time when it comes to finding a cure for cancers.  There is also a high level of awareness around heart disease, and we hear a lot about diabetes.  But we hear almost nothing at all regarding the third leading cause of death in America.  Many people don’t even know what the third leading cause of death is because it's never in the news. It’s not accidents of any kind and it’s not suicide ether. 

 A report in a 2016 study done by Harvard University and repeated by John Hopkins found that the third leading cause of death in America was medical mistake. Modern medicine errors are the third leading cause of death in an industry that is specifically designed to prevent death.

 Imagine if this where true in any other industry? 

A car manufacture uses a part in the construction of the vehicle that is found to be the third leading cause of all accidents on the highway.  What if a fire department was responsible for starting a third of all house fires they ended up putting out each year?

Picture a home sacristy company who is responsible for a third of all home break ins.

I don’t think any business could survive very long with this kind of success rates.  

 So how do we safeguard ourselves and our loved ones from falling victim to this statistic? 

We can live in a way that keeps us out of the hospital setting. We can also prepare for the possibility of needing to utilize a hospital with instructions to a loved one or an attorney as to what one will and will not comply with if hospitalized. 

We should feel free to question doctors about what they prescribe when it comes to medications. We need to be sure that if ourselves or a loved one is seeing more than one doctor that those doctors communicate with each other about what the person is taking and what therapies they are engage in. 

 However. The best thing we can do is live in a way that avoids toxic foods, exposure to chemicals and metals and ultimately be as proactive and preventative as we can with the use of all that Bioregulatory healthcare can provide.

Yearly heart rate variabilities check the body’s regulation and compensation ability and is easy fast and gives a good general view of how well the body is compensating for stress. 

A computerized regulation thermography and a live blood analysis every year is a great way of checking for any early signs of disturbance in organ or system regarding their regulation ability. 

These ways to monitor our health and  steps we can take to begin to  live a bioregulatory lifestyle. Staying healthy is easier and less expensive than responding to or recovering from an illness or disease.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is as true today as it was when Ben Franklyn said it in back in 1736. He said it when a fire threatened Philadelphians at that time, and preventing fires or disease is always less taxing in time, money and energy than responding to it them. 

Information alone is meaningless unless it is acted upon. It is one thing to know about something and another to make it into an experience that has a positive effects in life. There have been more good ideas and intentions that never manifest into anything simply because one of the ingredients of the manifestation equation was missing.

We all do it all the time, mostly unconsciously and when it is mostly done unconscious we feel that life happens to us as appose to making life happen for us. When something happens that we wished for or want we often blame it on the universe providing or luck. The universe is a mirror of possibility and provides nothing but possibility. For humans to think the universe has any concern for them is an expression of Ego that is monumental. Our world is a tinny little speck in the universe and we are as humans are a micro speck on that speck.  The universe does provide, it provides possibility.  This possibility is accessed  through a kind of mathematic energy  formula. The process of taking thought into reality is illustrated with by this simple equation

(Thoughts + Emotions) X Action=Results. Thoughts plus Emotion, multiplied by Action always equals some Result. There is no escaping it this is how life unfolds before us. 

Our thoughts are electrical signals of formation.  These signals are sent out into the Quantum field, (a kind of universal reflective mirror or network ) and depending on how powered up the thought is with emotion determines the vibrational sustainability that the thought has over time. 

Our emotions create a magnetic field and that magnetic field functions to draw experiences back to us from the Quantum field. 

So if we learn to maintain a thought, charge it up with emotion, take the right actions and maintain it  over a period of time manifestation is the result. It sounds simple. Think it…. feel it…. take action…. and hold it over time. It’ simple, but simple is not always easy. It’s not easy because we have to master a level of conscious control over our thoughts and emotions and then have the ability to hold them in alignment over a period of time. 

This is something that as children we are not taught to do. Importance regarding the mind with children is placed on memory and not on manifesting. When children are between one and seven years old they are in a mental brain wave state known as Theda. Theda is hypnotic, imaginative and open to downloading information fast and in powerful way.  But instead of teaching children to explore the possibilities of how the mind works in this way we spend at least twelve years leaning to master the ability to memorize and nearly nothing about how thought, emotion, action and time work in creating our experiences. The genius that lays dormant in every child is overlooked or suppressed by this method of learning.
Albert Einstein said “never memorize anything that you can look up.” Today we can look up virtually anything but formal educations has changed little. Teaching children how the mind works and what it takes to make life happen the way they want should be front and center with how the body really works. The two gifts of this life the body and the mind have been kept a mystery for too long for too many. 

The Bioregulatory lifestyle opens us to the world of possibilities of naturally maintaining and enhancing our health as well as our natural ability to manifest the life we most desire.