Become a Client

A True Healing Partnership

To become a client of True Wellness we must agree that to best accomplish your wellness goals we must work together. A client’s commitment to office therapies and consultations, as well as adhering to recommendations for home therapies, supplements and lifestyle changes will determine the depth of results a client achieves.

Clients of True Wellness undergo multiple assessments and work with many practitioners; however, your health care strategy will be prioritized by a single Head Clinician. Just as illness is multi-causational, we also work from different angles and continually adjust therapies as needed to un-layer the body from the burdens.

Discovery Call

The first step in this process is to complete a New Client Information Form (see link below). Once we receive this form, we will schedule a half hour discovery call via ZOOM with Kelly Kennedy. The cost of this discovery call is $200. During the interview she will answer any questions you may have regarding your specific health needs and goals.

Please note that an appointment date/times for new True Wellness Clients will only be scheduled after a discovery call with Kelly has been completed.


Please fill out the New Client Information Form Below and our Office Coordinator will be in touch soon!

Initial Consultation

Your first appointment at True Wellness or Full Initial Consultation is about an hour. Every client starts with a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) assessment (computer test of the autonomic nervous system). Because this test is sensitive to caffeine, we ask that you refrain on the day of the appointment.

The rest of the consultation is with Ian or Kelly Kennedy. They will review your HRV, your health history, your goals and expectations for your health. Ian or Kelly will use muscle testing to assess the nutritional, allergy and emotional aspects of your current status. After they have assessed all of those areas, reviewed your history and gone over your Heart Rate Variability test, which helps assess the speed at which we can deliver therapies, they will begin to set up a wellness program for you. 

We are partners with our clients, so there will be aspects of this program that you will be asked to do at home including nutritional changes, lifestyle changes, home therapies, etc. Our job is to help guide your body back to wellness. We do this as a team.

Your Full Initial Consultation also includes a separate follow-up 30 minute appointment with Ian or Kelly Kennedy to ensure all of your questions and concerns are being addressed and that the strategy for your wellness is understood. This appointment is scheduled after your first follow-up appointment, typically one week later.

*SPECIAL NOTE: A partial deposit of at least 1/2 of the full initial consultation cost will be required on the day of scheduled appointment. Please note, for all initial consultations, there are no cancellations.


First Appointment Reminders:

  • Please fill out and fax or email Client Intake Form before first appointment and email to
  • No caffeine intake on the day of your appointment.
  • No perfume, cologne, body creams, lotions or products with a strong fragrance, as we have many clients with severe allergies.

Follow up Appointments

Follow up appointments are typically 30 minutes in length. Depending on your health challenges, your travel time and your current status, we will schedule follow up appointments and assessments which allow us to properly track your progress and best aid your body in moving toward health.

There are many therapies available at True Wellness. When we arrange your personalized health strategy, we incorporate therapies that best maximize the appointment time we have with you, while understanding that each client may have a different motivation, goal or time-frame in their pursuit to getting well. Some clients choose to advance their strategies and visit the office for intensive daily therapies from three days to a week. All intensive therapy schedules must be pre-arranged with Kelly Kennedy.

Additional Forms Specific Services

Please fill out the appropriate forms below and emailed to before your appointment


Fascia Lymph Overall Wellness (F.L.O.W) Consent Form


FLOWpresso Consent Form



Cancellation Policy:

We have a 48 Hour Cancellation policy. If proper notice has bot been given, you will be charged the following fees: $50 for a 40-minute or less appointment with Kelly or Ian, $100 for a 50-minute or longer appointment with Kelly or Ian, or $50 for a bodywork or other type appointment within our center. These fees apply per appointment booked. After 3 late cancellations or missed/no show appointments, you will be charge the full amount of the booked session. Please call if you need to reschedule.

If you arrive late to your appointment, please understand that your scheduled appointment time will still end at the same time and you will be charged the full amount for the scheduled appointment.