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True Wellness: Basics Part I

Practitioner Ian Kennedy discusses the basic foundation of biological medicine, proper regulation of the body and how everyday environmental, nutritional & emotional factors influence our health.

True Wellness: Basics Part II

Practitioner Ian Kennedy continues on the basics of biological medicine in this continuation of Basics Part I.

Intro to Biological Dentistry

Dentists from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology explain the concept of biological dentistry.

Paracelsus Clinic: Dr. Rau-Alkalinity and Acidity

Dr. Rau, Chief Physician at Paracelsus explains how Regulat helps rebuild the intestinal flora for those suffering over acidity and chronic illness.

True Wellness: Scars

Practitioner, Ian Kennedy, discusses how scars can have a tremendous impact on your overall health and how scar therapy can help re-balance your energetic flow.

True Wellness: Wi-fi, EMF’s & your Health

Practitioner, Ian Kennedy, discusses how electro-magnetic fields from everyday items like cellphones, electronics & computers can have detrimental effects on our health.

Dr. Braid Using Regulat: Detoxification

Dr. Byron Braid, M.D. Biological Medicine Practitioner, Regulat’s role in removing acidity for those suffering with chronic illness, organ restoration properties and how it benefits digestion.

Introduction to Treating Chronic Disease

Dr. Thomas Rau introduces the common biological disturbances which cause a broad variety of chronic disease & illnesses.

Vitamin D Controversy & Marshall Protocol

Is low Vitamin D the symptom of chronic disease or the cause of chronic disease? The Marshall Protocol discusses why excess Vitamin D supplementation may be harmful for chronic conditions like Lyme.

Why we should be concerned about Mercury

PhD Chris Shade of Quicksilver Scientific explains how mercury exposure through amalgam fillings can affect all systems of the body and lead to illness.

Pleo Sanum: The Original Biological Medicine

These German Isopathic and Homeopathic remedies provide a broad spectrum medical alternative for chronic illness.

Lymphatic Congestion & Mental Health

Recent medical journals have identified lymphatic vessels in the brain. Learn how lymphatic congestion affects not only physical health but mental health as well.

True Wellness: Teeth & Overall Health

Practitioner, Ian Kennedy, discusses how the dental component in Biological Medicine plays a pivitol role in restoring your health.

The Health Impacts of Root Canals

Practitioner, Ian Kennedy, discusses the negative impact root canals can have on your overall health & why you should consider alternatives to the procedure.

Safe Alternatives to Root Canals

Dr. Hal Huggins offers a safe alternative to root canals. Learn why root canals are dangerous to your overall health.

Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas

The rate at which amalgam fillings release toxic mercury vapors is eye-opening.

True Wellness: Emotional Release Technique

Practitioner, Ian Kennedy, discusses how our thoughts and emotions have lasting impacts on our physiology and total body health.

Marion Institute: “Re-thinking Medicine”

BMN presents one woman’s diagnosis with breast cancer and her journey to wellness under the guidance of Dr. Thomas Rau & the Paracelsus Clinic.

Living an Allergy Free Life

Ian Kennedy presents a better way to understand what an allergy is and how to live an allergy free life.

Treating Tick-borne & Infectious Disease

Dr. Thomas Rau discusses how biological medicine is the best treatment approach for lyme and other viral & bacteria infections and why antibiotic treatment is undesirable.

Live Better Longer with Bill Borton

Kelly and Ian Kennedy take the public into the world of BioRegulatory Medicine. From what makes our center unique to the ways we can improve and maintain our health.

What is BioRegulatory Medicine?

BRMI Advisor Kelly Kennedy eloquently walks us through Bioregulatory Medicine – what it is; how and why it differs from other paradigms; tests, therapies and modalities; the perfect client and the perfect time to begin the bioregulatory approach; and what everyone can do at home to improve their bioregulation.

Approach to Chronic Illness

BRMI Advisor Kelly Kennedy and Dr. Ralf Oettmeier, Chief Physician of the Alpstein Clinic, explain how all healers including dentists, energy healers et al. work in unison to get to the root cause of one’s illness. Upbuilding and finding one’s healing process is key.

New Medical Devices

BRMI Advisor Kelly Kennedy speaks with Dr. Thomas Rau at the 52nd annual Medicine Week in Baden-Baden, Germany – on Bioregulatory Medicine; Dr. Rau’s new clinic (the Swiss Biological Medicine Center); and which new medical devices he recommends.

Healthy Dentistry

Good dentistry is not expensive as bad dentistry.  Listen in as Dr. Gerry Curatola discusses his new endeavors and healthy dentistry.

The True Wellness Center with BRMI Medical Director Dr. James O’dell on Bioregulatory Medicine

BRMI Medical Director Dr. James Odell, ND, OMD, L.Ac. speaks with Kelly Kennedy, Executive Director of True Wellness of Pennsylvania, at the 52nd annual “Medicine Week” in Baden-Baden, Germany: on BRMI’s mission, energy medicine, the marriage of mind-body medicine and dentistry, the synthesis of time-tested disciplines, non-toxic therapies that foster healing in the body, and promoting “the doctor within”.

Color and Frequency Therapy: BRMI Advisor Kelly Kennedy demos Medical Electronics GmbH device

BRMI Advisor Kelly Kennedy was so taken with Dieter Jossner’s color and frequency device at the Medical Electronics GmbH booth at “Medicine Week” in Baden-Baden Germany (Europe’s largest and oldest bioregulatory medicine conference), she decided to try it out on one of her clients.

The True Wellness Centers Kelly Kennedy visits with Dr. David Pascal, DC

BRMI Advisor Kelly Kennedy interviewing Dr. David Pascal on his care of severe neurological conditions and elite athletes with BioRegulatory Medicine.

Dr. Ralf Oettmeier and Dr. Josef Vizkelety – Say Yes to Life! Book Tour

On their Pennsylvania leg of the book tour at The True Wellness Center, BRMI Advisor Ralf Oettmeier, MD, along with colleague Josef Vizkelety, MD, DDS, two leading physicians in whole body medicine & dentistry will give a comprehensive overview of their Alpstein Clinic Concept, which focuses on Diagnosis of Root Causes, Purification & Release, Regeneration & Rejuvenation, and Harmonization & Awareness.