To the Heart of the Matter

By Ian Kennedy

Of all the internal organs that allow us to function, it is the heart that has over the span of humanity received more attention than any other. Before the advent of modern medicine and its myopic view of its function, the heart was thought to be the seat of thinking, knowing, wisdom and feeling. There is good reason for this. Without the heart beating in the chest life as we experience it quickly ends. This fist sized muscle not only delivers oxygen enriched blood to all the other organs and tissues of the body, it also sets up a rhythm within us, acts as a time keeper, responds to our physiologic demands and is associated with our emotional life. 


Love, compassion and tenderness arise from the heart. If we are told a person is “warm hearted” we know just what that means. If we experience someone as cruel we see them as “cold hearted.” When we fall in love is it not our heart that we give away to the other person? And when tragedy strikes is it not our heart that suffers most? 


We all know that people can truly die of a broken heart. Johnny and June Cash are a good example. They where married for thirty five years and their devotion to one other was palatable. When June died on May 15th 2003, Johnny quickly followed on September 12th 2003. Many, rightly believed he followed her due to a broken heart. 

More recently, Carrie Fisher of StarWars fame died of an apparent heart attack on December 27th, 2016. Debbie Reynolds, Carries mother, died of a Cerebral hemorrhage just a day latter on December 28 2016. Many felt she just could not emotionally deal with the death of her beloved daughter. 

The heart is also the way that Bioregulatory practitioners get a sense of a persons general health though the hearts variability. Performing heart rate variability analysis on clients gives an indication of how well a person fluctuates between the sympathetics and the parasympathetics. This appropriate fluctuation indicates that the individual has an ability to burn energy appropriately as well as the ability to rest, heal and digest. This is the ground floor of proper health within the body. When the hearts variability is lost, disfunction, illness or disease may begin to become a more dominate possibility. This simple analyses when understood properly reveals a glimpse into the persons over all health, including their emotional well being. The H.R.V. test is indispensable in Bioregulatory medicine in gauging a persons progress during treatment and in maintaining optimal health with periodic H.R.V’s. 

In 2017, 647,457 people died of heart disease and acute myocardial infarction or heart attack in the U.S. This number stays relatively consistent year in and year out. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. This is true for both the U.S. and the worldwide population. More than half of the people however who die due to heart disease or heart attack are men. That speaks volumes regarding our diet, lack of proper exercise and our emotional life gentlemen. 

The second causes of death is cancer, the third is diabetes. 

Not surprisingly, unintentional injuries comes in fourth. Accident is the leading cause of death in the U.S. for those between the ages of one to forty four years of age. Once again the majority of those deaths are men, since we do stupid stuff because of the testosterone (the risk taking hormone.) that flows through us at those ages.  (MedicalNewsToday. 2017) 

When I worked as an ambulance attendant we always responded to more heart attacks on Sunday nights and Monday mornings then any other days of the week. It was generally excepted that this was due to the stress of facing the up coming work week and again the majority of those emergencies where men. So, the lesson here for men is, work in a field that you love or that you at least find fulfilling, and take time off. Mondays are a good day to call in well and do something you enjoy. Far too many men literally work themselves to death and that death usually comes in the form of heart attack. With woman now strongly in the work force and are courier oriented I am sure that the number of situational heart attacks will rise for them as well. Many female clients of mine complain of work stress and the general unhappiness regarding what they do as an occupation. It is not what we do that makes us who we our, it is who we our that makes us do what we do. When what we do lacks our heart felt enthusiasm we find ourself in misery.    

The heart is much more than a pump, more than a muscle and more than a metaphor for love. The heart is an energy receiver and producer. The heart is the organ that sets up physiological response depending on external and internal stimulation including our thoughts.  Our heart races when faced with danger and does so to deliver the adrenaline from the adrenals to the muscles in-sighting the fight, flight or freeze response. 

Our hearts also hold information since around sixty percent of the hearts cells are identical to neurological brain cells. The heart has a system of neurons that have both short and long-term memory and their signals sent to the brain can affect our emotional experiences. Riddle me this Batman? In fetal development, the heart forms and starts beating well before the brain is developed. It has also been demonstrated that a mothers brainwaves can synchronize to her baby’s heartbeats. When that does not happen post pardon depression may be the result of this energy field disconnect. It is also common knowledge that children’s hearts will entrain to the heart beat of the family dog when they lay close together. 

The heart sends more neurological information to the brain than vice versa. There is no doubt that the heart is one of the three brains in the body and in many ways may be the dominant one. The brain in the skull, the heart in the chest and the brain that is made up from the neurological cells within the gut are all function together, to give us a 360 degree experience of life. This has been dramatically demonstrated with experiments performed at the HeartMathIt Research Center. These experiments clearly  showed that the electromagnetic fields produced by the heart will change depending on a persons emotional state or the situation that is presented. We have all had the experience of having to do something new, speak to a large audience or make a commitment like marriage. In many situations such as these we find our heart starts to race. The hearts magnetic field can also be measured well outside the body up to several feet away.  It would also appear that the way information moves throughout the entire system of the body is actually from heart-to gut-to brain. It is the heart that sets up the first informational response within the body.

These facts were brought to you by the Institute of HeartMath Research Center. (

As with many aspects to the function of the body, mind, spirt and the corresponding  health of a person we are truly just beginning to understand the wonders and complexities of life. Reconnecting one’s self with one’s heart-self is of greater need today than almost ever before. The disconnect experienced between people due to cell phone use and platforms such as Twitter and Facebook really don’t connect people, they disconnect us in many ways. There continues an ever widening gap between man and nature cupeled along with the narrow view of orthodox medicine has distanced many from the fundamental energies, emotions and primordial aspects of the heart. 

Dr. Don Colbert retells an experience he had with a little ten year old girl who had received a heart from an individual who had unfortunately lost his life through murder. This child reported to Dr. Colbert that she new what this killer looked like and what he wore and said at the time of the crime. With this young girls information the police where able to apprehend the suspect who confessed to the crime including confirming what the girl had told the police. Heart memory, even if the heart is placed in someone else’s body can retain the information and apparently transfer it to the new body it finds itself in. 

In recent years a few unencumbered and brave researchers have discovered that the heart has an effect with far greater reach regarding our humanism than even recently thought. Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, PhD. is the founder of Aquaquinta and is the developer of the Sound of Soul. This is a specialized Heart Rate Variability device that converts an individual’s heart rate variability into audible sound in the form of music and into visible colored light relating to the energy vortexes of the body. (the chakras). 

He has shown that by reintroducing the energy, frequency and vibration manifesting from the heart back to the  individual who’s heart is producing this energy can insight dramatic transformative experience both physically and emotionally. 

When we look closely we can see there are only two ways in which humans suffer. We can suffer physically and we can suffer mentally. Much of the suffering on the planet today can be elevated if we attend to our circumstances, our consumption of foods, our exposure to toxins and pay some attention to the information that our heart give us with every beat. Helping people heal the physical body from this or that, can happen in so many ways depending on the actions one is will to take. The deepest healing for a person however and the greater healing of the planet takes the healing of the human heart.   

Every year Valentines day approaches with heart shaped boxes full of candy along with the dozen red Roses that reminds us of our romantic love for each other. Perhaps this year we can also celebrate the heart as much more than a symbol of love and see it as the vital organ of energy and perception that it is. Along with a little reconnecting of one’s heart we can find a deeper sense of who we are and understand a little better the hearts of those around us. The mind may become overwhelmed with all kinds of thoughts and spiral into all kinds of self-made distress and drama, yet it is the heart that truly remains pure and available to thous who seek it’s deeper meaning.

For more information regarding Sound of Soul  to the distributor of Sound of Soul in the United States. Also tune into the podcast: 

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