The following testimonials have been sent to our office. Testimonials reflect clients who came to True Wellness & Lymph-ology for general health maintenance & wellness and also those with more serious health conditions.

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Deb, client since 2010

Prior to my first Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy session with the Lymphstar Pro, I was dealing with chronic constipation, mental fogginess and high levels of anxiety. Immediately following my first session, my bowels opened up! By the fourth session, I felt a significant change in my mental clarity and my anxiety was much better! Overall, I am sleeping better and have renewed energy!

Debbie, client since 2015

My daughter Ashley suffered debilitating abdominal pain for 5 years merely because, as a 13-year-old, while playing outside, she was bitten by a tick, causing Lyme disease. Ashley had constant pain below the sternum which varied in intensity and extreme nausea when eating any type of food. Her life, as she knew it, was over.

Concern heightened last December as pain and nausea reduced Ashley to sips of water and food crumbs. January through May saw a loss of 30 pounds to an already diminished frame wracked by years of pain. Despite valiant attempts, doctors were unable to reverse or even stem the dramatic weight loss.

Observing a daughter’s face cloaked in tears several times a day for 5 years, yet unable to answer Ashley’s question of why, was close to unbearable. Through prayer, God led me to Biological Medicine at the True Wellness Clinic. While some therapies at the clinic can be uncomfortable, the results are undeniable.

As we reside in New York, when Ashley left True Wellness Clinic, Kelly and Ian sent her home with a “tool kit” to assist with further healing. Every week since her visit to the Clinic, Ashley’s pain level has lessened and has allowed her to engage in more activities. She is back to her love of skateboarding, an activity unthinkable a few months ago. Ashley speaks to Kelly on a weekly basis or attends follow-up sessions at the clinic. True Wellness succeeded where no doctor did. The staff properly addressed the therapies that would best ease her stomach pain and provided natural healing methods to allow Ashley to continue her recovery.

Willow, client since 2015

As soon as I walked in the house this evening Dominick greeted me. The first thing he said was “Ian came to school today”. I asked him what he learned, a question I ask him every school day. He replied by telling me it was a lot and too much to tell me. I told him that I had time to listen. He then told me how food is digested and he also told me about allergies and why cow’s milk is not good for human bodies. He elaborated on each topic. He also mentioned the activity from last month that showed them how to choose healthy packaged foods. The information that was taught is not something normally taught in a school setting and I think it is valuable information that will stick with them. Thanks to everyone who took part in teaching Dominick and his classmates.

Kiara, client since 2015

I came to True Wellness desperate for help for my very sick children and myself after many failed attempts with inhalers, allergy medicine and tons of prescriptions. My kids were always the sickest in town, every little cold would lead to asthma, fevers (they both suffered febrile seizures) and I was always scared about them getting sick. Needless to say I lived in constant fear because they were always sick!

After working with True Wellness for just a few short months I can see a huge difference in our house. My kids are healthier than ever before! If there's something going around and they catch it, it's always mild and quick and does not linger anymore for weeks and weeks. The constant fevers don't happen anymore (I can't say how happy I am about that one). I went to every single specialist last year due a Parvovirus b19 infection and nobody could do anything for me. It was frustrating to feel pain all over my body for months, unable to walk some days and being told I needed to take Advil. I am now back to my normal self and I am so thankful!

True Wellness addresses the causes, what makes you sick and not just the symptoms, and that's why I know I am doing the right thing. No more inhalers, no more boxes of prescriptions, no more Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours. With better lifestyle and great guidance, we are on the right path to a healthier and happier life! So thankful I was curious about True Wellness one day and so very glad I took the first step going for it! Thanks!

Michelle, client since 2006

I came to True Wellness looking to improve my overall health. The team at True Wellness suggested I start with Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (L.E.T.) since it is a bit more broad for overall health and very non-invasive and relaxing.  I am typically a very busy person, but somehow, after L.E.T. sessions I seemed to accomplish even more while feeling less sluggish. As a wonderful "side effect",  shoulder pain I have had for years also improved in the last two sessions. My shoulder is definitely less stiff and sore, especially in the A.M.!  As an added bonus, L.E.T. made me feel more relaxed and as a surgical nurse that can be challenging!  I now look forward to my monthly lymph sessions, for my overall health maintenance.

Jeanine, client since 2010

Our 7 year old daughter has severe developmental delays and was diagnosed within the autistic spectrum. To her medical doctors her delays are a mystery, and they have never been able to identify any root cause of the disorder and cannot provide any treatment options to consider.

Two years ago a friend recommended that we take her to True Wellness to see what they may have to offer. With nothing to lose, we decided to give it a chance. From the second we walked through their door our daughter and we knew we were in the right place, you could just feel it!

Over the past two years it has been amazing to watch this little girl emerge. Ian, Kelly, Dr. Carchedi and the entire staff have been fully supportive and have provided direction and guidance in the overall health and development of our daughter. Having everyone at True Wellness in our lives to help us all along our journey has been a true blessing and incredible learning experience all while our daughter continues to thrive!! We could never begin to thank them enough!

Amber, client since 2009

Dear True Wellness, It has been quite a successful journey over this past year with you Ian, Kelly, & Deb! I truly cannot express my gratitude for helping me to get on track with my health. I first came to you with ongoing unexplainable digestive issues and pains, extreme fatigue and low energy, dizzy spells, depression, nauseating menstrual cramps, acne, tooth decay and pain, and poor eating habits. From my very first visit, I have learned things about my body and its interconnectedness to my life that I never expected! I had no idea that my body had been holding on to so many toxins for so long! With Ian’s therapies, chemical-free, natural supplements, detoxifying foot baths, and my own management of my diet (like eliminating all dairy), I have been able to improve my digestion, energy, immunity, emotional balance, and even my acne. However, I have to say the most important gain I have had from my time with True Wellness is being properly educated and coached, and held accountable about my body so that I am able to manage my own health.

Cindy, client since 2009

Hi Kelly and Ian: I don’t know what stuff Ian put in my nose on Saturday, but I wanted to let you know that I don’t think my nose has been this clear in – well I don’t know how long. I thought I was breathing fine, but not until my nasal passages were this clear did I know I wasn’t fine! I feel alert and so with it—I guess the oxygen must finally be circulating! Also you told me that the treatment was for the GI area as well—well that is clear as a bell too! Thank you so much.

Jayne, client since 2009

True Wellness helped me achieve my dream of having a child. I started going to True Wellness because my mother wanted to try ion cleanse footbaths. Little did I know they would change my life. Prior to True Wellness, I had undergone five rounds of assisted fertility after having a miscarriage. I was having no luck and decided to take a break from treatment and "get healthy". I trusted True Wellness to guide me on the right path. I completed detox therapies, changed my diet, did emotion work and homeopathic treatments for over a year. Testing still showed I had a metal toxicity though, so True Wellness suggested I see their biological dentist. A dental panoramic showed that I still had mercury under my composite fillings. These were removed and I continued to detox. About four months later, I was pregnant! I now have a healthy baby boy and a healthier lifestyle. I continue to go to True Wellness with my family. I am determined my son benefit from the knowledge and caring people at True Wellness.

Maggie, client since 2009

I am feeling so improved today and awoke with no cough or pain in my lung. I am continuously grateful Kelly, Ian and the True Wellness team for the love and wisdom you share with your clients. Please extend my love and gratitude to all.

Ed, client since 2008

I started my journey at True Wellness in January of 2008. My 3 main problem areas were anxiety, anger, & depression. Before True Wellness, I sat with a psychologist, an acupuncturist, and a psychiatrist who prescribed medication (Lexapro) which really made me feel worse when on it. After my first visit with Ian Kennedy I knew I had to clean up my diet. Next I started to consume more alkaline foods on the suggestion list.

True Wellness has given me plenty of information and tools to work with and I know it is up to me to put them to good use. True Wellness from day one has always made me feel comfortable and I am very thankful for that.

Jenn, client since 2008

We have been at True Wellness for almost 5 years now. We came initially when my daughter, Abby, was about 15 months old. She had been dealing with ear infections, RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), pneumonia and asthma. After various treatments at True Wellness, she is doing amazing and is no longer on asthma medication! At another point, we brought Abby in with a fever and flushed cheeks. After Ian therapized her, you could already see and feel her fever breaking! More recently, she had huge warts on her fingers, that the dermatologist was having no success in getting rid of. After one treatment with Ian and about a month of a homeopathic to fight viruses, her warts are gone! Amazing!

I suffer with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and migraines. I have also had results from other services at True Wellness; emotional work, massage, reflexology and foot baths to detox. The staff is wonderful and truly cares about getting to the root cause of your pain and bringing about true healing, wholeness and wellness!

Jennifer, client since 2006

In Mid-March this year (2006), I woke up almost deaf in one ear for no apparent reason. My right ear was ringing and very 'full’ feeling. It was extremely difficult to hear the voices of people talking around me. I also could not hear my children playing upstairs. For the next several weeks, I waited to get better. I called my medical doctor and he told me to try drops before he would give me a referral to an Ear Nose Throat Specialist. I tried the drops, and nothing changed. My life was very difficult during this time, as conversations went right by me and I felt detached from everyone around me. I began to think I had damaged my ear permanently. The doctor was not returning my phone calls for a referral and I felt very frustrated. My neighbor, a client of Ian Kennedy’s, had been recommending him to me for some time, saying he really helped her with several issues, and that he is amazing and I should really give him a try. So, finally I thought, why not. I set up an appointment and was very grateful at how fast they were able to get me in, and on a Saturday! I was impressed with how well Ian and Kelly listened to me and seemed genuinely concerned about me, and excited about my treatment plan. I went to Ian only 3 times and he fixed my ear. The treatment was simple and painless. To this day, 2 months after the treatments, I can hear perfectly. I used to get water in my ear when I swam, but no longer suffer from this either. I am looking forward to seeing Ian for some other issues, and would highly recommend him to friends.

Daniel, client since 2007

When I was first introduced to L.E.T. I had no expectation that it would change my current health. However, after a few sessions I experienced a big improvement in my mental clarity. I noticed I was handling work assignments with greater ease and this contributed to decreasing stress and anxiety. I look forward to adding L.E.T. to my ongoing wellness regimen.

Kris, client since 2006

Even though this thank you is very late, I want to sincerely thank you for all your care for me while I was in your office. I so appreciated and admire your calm demeanor and always helpful attitude. I needed your calmness to help calm my own troubled heart. I have learned from your loving care how I want to treat others in my office and in my life. You are a beautiful woman inside and out! I look forward to seeing you again and I am sure I will be talking or emailing you soon with another question! Much love, Kris

Chi-Wei, client since 2006

Since I’ve started seeing Ian about my health, he’s helped me through several problems. He’s reduced the amount of oil my skin releases, showed me an all-natural alternative to regular antiperspirants, combated my persistent cough, increased the health and vitality of my organs, ridded me of food allergies, made me more aware of my diet, helped me become more open, and dealt with a number of my previously longstanding emotional issues. There are more things he has helped me with, but I think you’re getting the idea: Visit him, no matter what your situation, and he will help you raise your quality of life significantly. Not only that, he and Kelly are among the most pleasant people who you will ever meet, and the service they provide is the best value around.

Glen, client since 2005

I first met Ian Kennedy about eight months ago at my church. As I got to know him, I shared that I always felt tired because of the medications that I had to take every day.  He assured me that with the proper diet and nutrition, I could very likely ‘retrain’ my thyroid to function properly on its own. He put me on some natural whole food supplements that really began to work and to help my body heal itself. I am now bringing some of my family members to see Ian and they are beginning to see signs of significant improvement in their own health as well.