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Stress Less & Feel More: Simple Grounding Practices for Daily Life

We recently wrote a blog that discussed how to incorporate proper breathwork to help regulate your nervous system. Another simple act that helps ground the body on a physical and energetic level is the practice of grounding.

Simply sticking your feet in the ground, whether it’s walking barefoot on grass, sand, or soil, allows your body to absorb the Earth’s own energetic resonances, replenishing and realigning what might have been devoid in your own body.  Associated with the Root Chakra and the Earth Element, having a strong foundation is essential for being able to power through life’s ups and downs. Continue reading as we explore this connection and provide you with practical ways to cultivate deeper connections, foster stability, and awaken a sense of inner peace.

The Root of Our Being: The Earth Element and the Muladhara Chakra

The Earth element is connected to our root chakra, which is traditionally called “Muladhara.” Muladhara in Sanskrit is translated as “the root of existence.” It is responsible for the connection to the physical form, material aspects, sexuality, and stability as well as our sense of smell. This chakra is located at the coccygeal plexus beneath the sacrum, between the perineum and the pelvic bone. The Muladhara is linked to the process of excretion and is connected with the anus. However, there isn’t a physical chakra to observe when the body is opened up; its function is entirely energetic in nature. We will explore the seven main chakras, but it’s important to note that there are actually fourteen chakras, with three main psychic channels or “Nadis” originating from the Muladhara point. The Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna are the three main energy channels. From Ida and Pingala, seventy-two thousand energy channels spread throughout the body. This viewpoint on energy channels is reminiscent of acupuncture meridians. As its name implies, the Muladhara chakra serves as a primary foundation for the other chakras.

Modern Disconnection and the Importance of Earthing

Modern life has disconnected us from genuine contact with the Earth. Although we may be on it, we are rarely in true contact with it. Pulse Magnetic Field (PMF) mats and similar devices aim to replicate the natural exchange of negative ions that occur when living beings touch the Earth. This contact with the Earth’s surface generates Schumann resonances, which are a part of its electromagnetic field in the low-frequency range. The low frequencies are often compared to energy meridians again turning our attention to the possibility that the earth itself is a living being. The term “Mother Earth” holds more significance than we might realize.

Earthing today is recommended by many natural and bioregulatory doctors as an attempt to bring ionic balance back to the body. Research has demonstrated that a combination of negative ions an an electrical potential of 25 millihertz is necessary for cellular function. To achieve healing, the charge within the cell needs to increase to 50 millihertz. This essential electrical potential originates directly from the Earth. Merely spending a short time barefoot on the Earth’s surface results in observable effects: alterations in blood composition (observable through a dark field microscope), immediate muscle relaxation, and a slower, more profound breathing pattern. The average modern suburban dweller spends around seven minutes per day outside. This time is mainly spent going from cars to buildings and back again. Contact is being made with concrete, rubber, metals and other insulating materials that prevent natural absorption of Earth’s negative ions. We have drifted so far away from earthly contact with the soil that it has become a health care recommendation. The absorption of microbes and bacteria from the ground into our digestive systems is significantly deficient, leading to profound health implications. As beings of the Earth, it’s imperative for our gut’s microbial biofilm to resemble that of our environment.

Regrounding Ourselves: Ways to Reconnect with the Earth

There are many ways to reconnect with the Earth, the Earth element, and the Muladhara chakra. Many people garden as a way of getting in touch with the Earth. This can be great as long as it is a natural experience that avoids bagged potting soil, chemical fertilizers, and pest repellents. Unfortunately this applies to going to public parks as well. If the grass is void of dandelions or other natural flowers and weeds it means it has been treated and standing or walking barefoot on it may be doing more harm than good for your health. There are shoes, such as Harmony 783 on the market today that do allow for ionic exchange from the Earth. Grounding is also advisable following specific treatments and therapies, serving to recalibrate and restore equilibrium by harnessing the negative ions offered by the Earth. We can see, touch, smell, and even taste the Earth, engaging four of our senses in a relationship with it. However, it remains unperceived by our sense of hearing.

Wading in unpolluted flowing water, walking barefoot on untreated fields, sitting in trees, taking deep walks in the woods, sitting on rock formations, and being close to waterfalls all offer opportunities to ground and reconnect with the Earth’s beauty and its healing frequencies. If you cannot immerse yourself in nature, using a high quality grounding mat such as the AlignMat, can help re-create the Earth’s own Schumann resonances. Engaging in such activities will help establish a solid grounding within the Muladhara chakra. This will then provide stability and a connection to our capacity for functioning in the physical realm. This chakra also underpins emotions like joy, pleasure, and the satisfaction of tempering desires, as well as the serenity found in focused concentration— all interwoven with the Muladhara chakra. Moreover, it embodies a psycho-spiritual yearning and the quest for spiritual liberation.

In today’s fast-paced and chaotic world, there is a profound need to reestablish a connection with the Earth and its elemental forces. This can be achieved by grounding ourselves, placing our feet firmly on the Earth, and directing our attention to the Muladhara region. Engaging in breath work that focuses on the lower pelvic area and practicing Kegel exercises are effective methods for achieving this reconnection. By rekindling our appreciation for Mother Earth and embracing the innate connection represented by the Muladhara chakra, we can introduce stability and grounding into our lives. Amidst the increasing speed and chaos of modern life, this reconnection offers a natural way to relax, recharge, and find solace in the energy source that is our Earth.


Ian Kennedy

The True Wellness Center

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