FLOW & Advanced FLOW

Facilitating TRANSFORMATIONAL sessions
January 27th & 28th

Are you looking to help create an opportunity for more physical and emotional transformations with clients versus simply engaging in transactional appointments? If so, we invite you to join us for a weekend of just that in mind, body, and spirit.

The FLOW and Advanced FLOW training will give you an additional layer and a more comprehensive approach to your bodywork! This training will educate and allow you to practice creating an authentic metamorphic experience for your clients (and yourself).

From start to finish, you will facilitate profound, authentic shifts on every level as you continue to approach the FLOW and Advanced FLOW paradigms. This technique utilizes various bodywork modalities, all synergistically aligning to open someone's FLOW on every level of their being. Every FLOW session looks different. Each FLOW session is unique to the receiver and the giver. Each session is a "Snowflake" co-creation, meeting them where they are "at" while at the same time guiding them past previous limits to a space where they can truly feel safe and vulnerable. Now they will express, unwind and release the burdens that are creating blockades or contributing to their load.

You will find this an efficient method for advancing healing.

The class is offered either as a one-day course or a two-day course. On day one, we will teach the foundational technique used to open the fascia and the lymphatics. Day two will focus on the advanced course material. We will incorporate all the day-one teaching while building on more techniques and layers to address the vibrational and emotional blockades to assist the unwinding into wellness.

While these modalities and use of these devices will not be taught in their entirety, you will gain base knowledge of the following:

we will also cover

Here's What You Get

ONE WEEK BEFORE CLASS: participants will receive online resources and videos they will be expected to watch and complete prior to attending the live class. This information will prepare participants with a base knowledge of topics and techniques that will be broadly covered in person.

Day 1 FLOW Training Includes:

Day 1 FLOW Training Includes:

Hear what clients have to say about FLOW & Advanced FLOW!

I have been struggling with dizziness, tinnitus (hearing loss), brain fog, and headaches for several years. These things have become so severe it was difficult to function in my everyday life. I have been to every doctor and specialist I could find but have not been able to get any help until I met Sarah and the rest of the True Wellness team. Since I have been receiving Advanced FLOW, I am finally starting to get some relief and have experienced a range of benefits I was not even expecting. Sarah has used a combination of techniques to help clear both physical and emotional blockages that have prevented my body from being able to heal thus far. I rarely get dizzy now and all of my other symptoms are greatly diminished. It has taught me that healing is a process, and you have to trust (and have patience with) your body. It takes time and learning, but so far my results have been phenomenal. I am starting to feel energized and happy again. -Beth B

I came to True Wellness after 10 years of trying to find help. I was able to eat only a few foods, was unable to work out, and struggled with day-to-day functioning. Kelly and Sarah are the first people to help me in so many ways. Sarah has helped my body get back on track regarding my lymphatic system. We were at a roadblock for a bit and Kelly and Sarah helped me to release the emotions my body was holding onto. It has made such a difference in my growth. Using the Sound of Soul, RRT, Cranial Sacral work, and Orgone in combination, has made a world of difference. I was finally able to move forward, something I was unable to achieve in the past. I have been able to let go of past trauma and continue to improve. They have been the best support for improving my physical and mental health. -Michelle S.

After all my Advanced FLOW experiences, I feel lighter both emotionally and physically. I feel like I can take on new challenges with more grace and ease. The relaxing benefits are unparalleled to any massage or other body work I have received. Additionally, through this type of bodywork, I have learned more about the power of feeling emotions instead of pushing them down. -Kristen E.

January 27th & 28th

9am - 6pm EST

Courtyard Marriott Montgomeryville, PA (outside Philadelphia PA)

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