Personalized Wellness Supplements

Nutritional Supplements Available from The True Wellness Center

Our office offers a broad variety of nutritional supplements. Quality and focused supplementation is one of the important cornerstones for our clients achieving wellness and the very best results. We only choose the best in whole food supplements, vitamins, minerals, homeopathics, oils and more. The following products & brands have helped our True Wellness clients achieve real results in their path to wellness and good health!

 Standard Process ®

One of the most popular lines at True Wellness! Standard Process ® supplements come from their very own 420 acre organic farm and their quality can not be beat! These nutrient dense supplements provide our clients with the very best nutrition, a difficult task in a land of polluted food and water!

 Regulat ®

Give yourself an energy boost, from the cellular level! Made from fresh, organic, fruits, nuts and vegetables, this fermented liquid concentrate is highly nutritious and is easily absorbed by the body. Regulat supports the body’s own regulatory systems and enzyme balance, promotes a healthy blood environment, revitalizes and improves energy to the cells, neutralizes free radicals and supports a healthy immune system.

 Eveliza ®

This organic super-food cereal supplement supplies essential nutrients to your daily diet. Eveliza’s high nutritional value can promote overall wellness and help stabilize the body’s the natural metabolic processes. Eveliza is 100% natural and contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. For weight control, replace a meal for one sachet of Eveliza. Available in regular and gluten-free.

 Heel ®

Heel is one of the leaders in modern homeopathy. Their variety of products activate the body’s self healing ability. Developed in the 1920’s, Heel has been utilized in pain management, organ support, detoxification and more!

 Pleo Sanum ®

Pleo Sanum’s isopathic and homeopathic supplements have long been used to successfully assist clients suffering from a whole host of conditions and illnesses. Sanum products support the body’s ability to heal itself and allows the body’s internal milieu to regulate itself.

 Liquid Minerals

Specially formulated for True Wellness. The unique blend of ocean minerals and trace elements of sea water is vital for our bodies to achieve optimal health and vitality. Liquid Minerals increases energy, promotes overall well-being and helps organs to function at their optimal levels.


Since the 1980’s they have manufactured homeopathic-spagyric remedies which maintains the wholeness of the healing principle of the plant, the vital energy and the plant-specific minerals. It is their commitment to activate one’s self-healing powers. The individual composition of each remedy is attuned to the requirements of diseases, which today are mostly triggered by more than one cause.


Ceres remedies convey the active ingredients, information and energy of medicinal plants. They are homeopathics made from medicinal herbs. Designed to treat both physical and psycho-emotional conditions. Providing a range of mother tinctures and complex remedies.


For over 60 years now, Hevert has dedicated itself to naturopathy and the development of natural medicines and is one of the leading German manufacturers of homeopathic and herbal medicines, as well as high-dose micronutrient preparations. Unlike homeopathic single remedies, complex remedies contain several homeopathically prepared active substances and are easy to use because they have a broad spectrum of action and are clearly tailored to individual indications.

 Guna biotherapeutics

Founded in 1983, Guna is the Italian leader in homeopathic medicine. They create person-centered Medicine in harmony with nature. GUNA is a Sanskrit phrase that translates to “all life energies of living beings”. It is one of world’s most intriguing Companies in the field of Low Dose Medicine, Nutraceuticals, Dermocosmetics and Bach Flowers.


Founded in 1978, sanPharma began its activities in the production and distribution of immunobiological and isopathic medicinal products of human biology. Theory is based on efforts towards a holistically oriented medicine/holistic diagnosis and wholeness therapy.