The following documentaries are a great way to learn more about various issues impacting our environment,
our food sources, our health and our future well-being.

King Corn (Movie Trailer)

This documentary delves into corn, the GMO subsidized crop that is driving our packaged and fast-food industry.

Vaccine Nation (Full-Length Film)

This documentary explores the history of vaccines, vaccines neuro-toxins and how increased child vaccination schedules have resulted in devastating consequences.

Bought Movie (Movie Trailer)

This documentary bonus clip explores how the chicken pox vaccine is creating unintended consequences for U.S. citizens.

Mercury Undercover (Movie Trailer)

This docu-film highlights the dangers of amalgam fillings.

Root Cause (Movie Trailer)

Root Cause is a feature length documentary based on one man’s extraordinary true story – a 10 year long journey to find the root cause of his panic attacks, anxiety, chronic fatigue, nausea, dizziness, agitation and insomnia. Interviews with expert health professionals from all over the world provide incredible insights into how an infected root canal can effect other health functions of the body. Featuring leaders in their fields like Dr. Mercola, Dr. Dawn Ewing and Dr. Jerry Tennant; the wealth of knowledge from these experts is cutting edge. The narrative story that runs alongside the interviews is as action-packed as it is heart wrenching. It is an incredibly personal journey of a round-the-world search for answers that is at one moment tear jerking, and laugh out loud funny the next. Root Cause is set to change the way the world looks at holistic health.