(Ep. 99) Castor Oil: The Queen of Healing

On this weeks episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy we welcome Dr. Sherri McNight a Homeopathic Doctor that resides in Canada. She spends time breaking down the power of Castor Oil and giving us many ideas and uses to heal. Dr Marisol ND is the founder of Queen of Thrones which is a mess-less way to apply a Castor Oil pack (on your liver, kidneys, thyroid, and even your hair!).

Dr. Sherri McNight is a Queen of the Thrones Medical Advisor & Homeopathic Doctor.


Show Notes||

0:00| Intro

3:00| Mess-less & stress-less way to do Castor Oil packs

5:30| Breaking down Castor Oil and Why It Works

11:42| The anti-inflammatory effect of Castor Oil Packs & why The Queen of Thrones

16:00| Showcase how to fit a Castor Oil Pack

17:40| Kelly’s Castor Oil Birth Story

23:00| Length and dose of a Castor Oil Pack different ways of using it for stress

33:00| Where to find more information

36:00| The Secret Dr. Sherry McKnight wants to share with the world

Connect with Dr. Sherry McKnight|| www.queenofthethrones.com – bundles and products & blogs

Instagram: @Queen of the Thrones® ​

https://www.youtube.com/queenofthethrones (YouTube)


The Queen’s Code – available as an eBook, printed book, and coming out as an audio book in March 2022

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