(Ep. 75) Understanding the Chakras (part 2) with Alexis Saloutos

On this week’s episode of The Beats podcast with Kelly Kennedy we replay our second interview with Alexis Saloutos who shares her infinite knowledge about the chakras. In this episode Alexis helps us understand the fundamental aspects that the chakras represent as well as how they manifest in our reality and physical body.

Alexis Saloutos is the founder of the Chakredy® and Tangible Intuition®, both original teachings that provide a context and language for energetics and intuition. She is a passionate innovator, currently immersed in her expanding line of wildcrafted flower essences. Alexis is a Certified Nutritionist with a Masters in Nutrition from Bastyr University.

Show Notes||

0:00 | Introduction

3:30 | Let’s explore the throat chakra

8:30| Mediating neutrality initiates healing

14:15| Outward connection versus backward reflection

17:30 | Alexis’ recommendations for balancing the throat chakra

20:20 | The Power of speaking and the words we use

24:00 | The location of the throat chakra alludes to its importance

30:05 | Throat chakra intuition

40:42 | The 3rd Eye chakra, being of intuition

44:30 | The center of intellect and intuition

46:45 | Our only real problem is your level of consciousness

49:05 | What does 3rd Eye chakra dominance look like

50:00 | The Crown chakra, point of connection

53:40 | What is Crown chakra deviation

1:00:00 | Being an open receptacle to help others heal

1:04:00| Taking credit for your healing journey

Connect with Alexis Saloutos||

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Resources Mentioned||

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