(Ep. 72) How to Grow Healthy Humans with Dr. Allison Edmonds

On this weeks episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy we invite the lovely Dr. Allison Edmonds on to discuss her new book ‘ How to Grow Healthy Humans’. What Allison shares in the book and the ultimate ugly truth is that we are constantly being inundated with chemicals and toxins. Nevertheless, the decisions we make daily can help us mitigate the influx so that we can grow healthy babies as well as optimize our own health!

Dr. Allison Edmonds is a pediatric chiropractor with a heart that sees a healthier generation by teaching women how to prepare their bodies before growing their tiny humans. Knowledge is power and she loves when she is able to equip a parent with health info that empowers them to make their best choice for their children.

Show Notes||

– Dr. Allison’s purpose behind writing How to Grow Healthy Humans ​

– How do we know if we are burdened by toxins and chemicals?

-​ Let’s look at a cell and understand exactly what is happening when we come in contact with toxins

-​Top four things we need to tackle to reduce inflammation

-​ Hormones aren’t the problem, toxicity is the underlying problem

​- We are supposed to be able to have babies as long as we’re getting a period ​​

Connect with Dr. Allison Edmonds|| ​ drallison@drallisonedmonds.com

website: drallisonedmonds.com​

Instagram : Dr.Allison.edmonds​

Dr. Allison Edmonds Youtube Channel

Facebook: DrAllisonEdmonds ​​

Resources Mentioned|| ​

How to Grow a Healthy Human by Dr. Allison Edmonds ​

10 Americans Environmental Working Group ​

Berkey Water Filter ​


The True Wellness ​C​enter ​

Craniosacral Fascial Therapy

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