(Ep. 54) What Does it Take to Change with Dr. Byron Braid

On episode 54 of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy, we sit down with Kelly’s long time mentor-someone who she holds in high regards, Dr. Byron Braid. Dr. Byron & Kelly explore the faults in how our society currently functions. In doing such they reveal what we need to do in order to create a better future for not only ourselves, but for generations to come.

Byron Braid graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 1971, following which he completed a medical internship of Lankenau hospital in Philadelphia. A residency in psychiatry of Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute ensued with a concentration in pyscho-somatic medicine and family therapy. Throughout college, medical school and residency he studied the work of Wilhelm Reich. Later, he trained with Reich’s successions and concentrated an Organic therapy and psychosomatic medicine in both private practice and hospital settings. Byron’s exposure to and interest in all phases of the study pleomorphism and its role in development of pathology go back thirty years, and have evolved directly from Wilhelm Reich’s research into functional illnesses including cancer. He reproduced Reich’s work concerning the Bioelectric Experiments and the Reich Blood Test.

Biological medicine has been the focus of his professional practice on the full-time basis since 1996. He is currently practicing in Switzerland at the Paracelsus Clinic, where you can experience his concierge to medicine.

Show Notes||

0:00 | Introduction

5:18 | Why is it so hard for people to change?

10:20 | Who was Wilhelm Reich and why was he significant to Byron Braid?

16:50 | Unpacking how the lack of expression in childhood results in compliance of the population

27:50 | How we need to move forward for a better future

29:00 | Byron’s pessimistic outlook on the future

30:40 | Byron reveals reality

34:00 | Remember when we were warned to not give into peer pressure by friends about drugs?! What has changed?

37:30 | If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth

38:40 | Human’s deepest inner desire

41:10 | Choosing to be inconvenienced in order to maintain sovereign freedom

44:10 | Having the tolerance to endure the pain of change

48:18 | How we do get people to listen to themselves?

51:15 | Byron hopes for optimism

52:18 | The change comes from empowerment of the individual

56:50 | What is Byron’s secret for the world?

107:00| Byron shares a scenario in school

Resources mentioned ||

Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamonds

Wilhelm Reich

Listen Little Man By: Wilhelm Reich


Dr. Byron Braid appreciates his solitude if you are interested in working with him, you can send your information and case details to info@biologialhealth.com. Kelly will review to see if you are a good fit to work with our dear Byron 🙂

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