Castor Oil Packs for Lymph Flow and Inflammation with the Queen of Thrones – Dr. Marisol

“You’ll poop better, sleep better, and feel better.” – Dr. Marisol

I’m going to put this right here at the top so you don’t even have to scroll for it. After listening to this episode, you’re going to want to get your Castor Oil pack TODAY.

Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything you’re supposed to for your health and you just can’t figure out what is wrong with your body? You’ve tried every supplement known to man, a cocktail of supplements even, and nothing seems to be working? But you’ve heard about castor oil, which you’ve maybe even tried, and you wonder if it can make a difference in your health?

The Queen of Thrones herself, Dr. Marisol, was as skeptical as you probably are. Her exact words were, “this is too Woo-Woo.” As an ND who had her own health issues kick her down (IBS, PCOS, EBV, and more!), she had to face this tough question: “How am I going to get [my patients] better when I can’t even get myself better?”

So, she finally gave in and explored Castor Oil. 

Here’s what she learned and what she’s sharing with us today:

-Dr. Marisol’s health and why Plastic and Castor Oil don’t mix

-History and Science behind Castor Oil

-Why Castor oil alone is not enough

-How toxin buildup affects your body

-Inflammation is not the enemy

-Where to place your pack

-The missing ingredient if Castor packs aren’t working

-Beware of copycats

-Sleeping with your Castor Oil pack

If this sounds too complex or if you’re new to Castor Oil, check out Episode 99 for a more beginner-friendly introduction to Castor Oil’s benefits.

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