Education is incredibly important to our clients achieving their ultimate health and wellness goals. We encourage new and existing clients to browse through our selection of recommended books.

“Dr. Thomas Rau is the world’s foremost practitioner of biological medicine. Now, he finally reveals his unique Swiss health plan- a proven program to regulate our bodies, reduce or eliminate toxins, maintain health and well-being, and help lose weight naturally”

“A thought may seem harmless, but if it becomes toxic, it can become physically, emotionally or spiritually dangerous”…..In her book Dr. Caroline Leaf shows us how to identify and control toxic thoughts and emotions.

If you’ve ever suspected that not everyone should eat the same thing or do the same exercise, you’re right. In fact, what foods we absorb well and how our bodies handle stress differ with each blood type.”

“Blink is a book about how we think without thinking, about choices that seem to be made in an instant-in the blink of an eye-that actually aren’t as simple as they seem—”

“Biological Medicine is a comprehensive and integrated approach to health and illness. It is “biological” and shows logically how we get ill by identifying the sequential phases of degeneration which lead from minor ailments to various chronic diseases.”

“If mercury is one of the most poisonous substances known to man, why, then, do dentists routinely use it in amalgams to fill our teeth?…Dr. Huggins examines this question and what he finds may shock you…”

“Is there a divine purpose behind everything that happens? If you’re willing to embrace that possibility, every aspect of your life can change. Explore the five essential stages of Radical Forgiveness and how they help us transcend the victim archetype and embrace the inherent perfection of life.”

“….genes and DNA do not control our biology, instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our thoughts. Dr. Lipton’s book will forever change how you think about thinking.”

BRMI Advisor Ralf Oettmeier, MD, along with colleague Josef Vizkelety, MD, DDS,  two leading physicians in whole body medicine & dentistry give a comprehensive overview of their Alpstein Clinic Concept, which focuses on Diagnosis of Root Causes, Purification & Release, Regeneration & Rejuvenation, and Harmonization & Awareness.