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We encourage our clients, and those interested in pursuing a holistic path to wellness to attend multiple workshops to further enhance their knowledge and understanding of our European BioRegulatory Approach to Health. Information pertaining to one’s overall health and the environmental, dietary, and emotional stressors our body’s face on a daily basis will be discussed. Our therapeutic techniques and assessments will be explained and their critical role in overall healing. Friends and family of our clients, along with the general public are welcome to attend so that they too can understand the physical and emotional health changes that one goes through while receiving care here at True Wellness.

Topics vary throughout the year and you are encouraged to join us, participate and ask questions!

You & Young Living Essential Oils

with Tracey

Wednesday, November 28th / 6:30-7:30 PM
(Free Yoga 7-8PM)


Do you want to know how to kick toxins out of your home, sleep better, build up your immunity, have more daily energy ? With a new school year upon us, you can learn how oils can help with an overall healthier lifestyle! TRACEY will share personal experiences about her baby’s sleep and tummy aches, her kids’ allergies, and her Mom’s testimony which all connect to the use of Young Living Essential Oils and their powerful impact on health and wellness!

Spiritual Guidance and Healing with Simona

with Simona Manenti

Wednesday, December 5th
6:30-8:00 pm


Join us for a a night of messages from the Guides and the Angels. We will gather as a group with Simona Manenti, Spiritual Healer & Divine Guidance.

Simona is a Healer, psychic-medium, and Channeler, who connects with Angels, Archangels and all Divine beings. Through her divine connection, Simona has helped many people find their true happiness and purpose in life, by providing clear messages of healing and personal growth, and obtaining guidance of one’s soul path. She quickly moves through the recesses that all your being holds, the known and the unknown, past, present and future, facilitating healing of the physical, mind and the etheric body.

Come for a night of messages about you, who you are and what is special about you! Connect to a deeper soul truth and imagine opening up to the magic and the wonders of your spirit within by traveling the road toward greater self-knowledge and the realization that we are in fact, True Angels.

Feel free to bring a way to record your messages, the information given is channeled and it won’t be remembered. The night will start with a little introduction, followed by 5 minutes of meditation and clearing to allow the best high vibrational environment, you will then have a chance to ask questions, so please come prepared, pictures are not necessary but you are welcome to bring them.

A little about Simona Manenti Spiritual Healer, Teacher & Author
Spirit Walker and communicator of Angels, Divine Beings, and Spirit Guides.

Simona demonstrates profound, liberating and life-changing Healing. Through spiritual guidance and valuable tools, she outlines one’s past by shining a light in the inner world of limitations, subconscious programming, and fears, while gaining knowledge and understanding of one’s obstacles, and enabling the awakening of all your potential and possibilities in one’s life journey.

“You have this tremendous gift of unearthing
the most deeply routed traumas as the cause of one’s struggles,
and liberate them of their pain in just minutes…”

For more information check out her website:

$45/person please sign up in advance. We expect this workshop to be full to capacity. Call to reserve your spot. 267-308-0777

We can hold a max of 60 people so call today!

Detoxing Your Beauty Routine

with Kelly Urban

Wednesday, December 12th
6:30-7:30 pm


Join KELLY URBAN for a night delving into the darkside of the beauty counter. With over 60% of what you put on your skin being absorbed into your system, the daily “glam routines” many of us do out of habit might be doing more than just making our eyes “pop” and lips pucker-up!

Understanding what ingredients to look out for, their effects on the body (especially the liver and lymphatic system), as well as alternatives and better-for-you brands, this class is perfect for anyone – pre-teen to post-menopausal and every age in-between! Even those who just use a swipe or two of chapstick each day will surely gain insight in this cannot-miss class!

Medical Marijuana Education and Canna Care Docs

Thursday, February 21st
6:30 pm


Grab a friend and join Erica from Canna Care Docs at The True Wellness Center! Canna Care Docs is the largest and most experienced medical marijuana education and evaluation center in North America. An evening of education awaits you as you learn the basics of utilizing marijuana to treat many conditions including: chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Inflammatory bowel disease, Glaucoma and more. CBD oil vs. Medical Marijuana will also be discussed throughout the evening. Bring all your questions with you! The Canna Care staff will be available to help patients register with the Department of Health and schedule an appointment with their registered physician.

This workshop is FREE to all!

See website for more info:

Clean Sweep: Holistic Home Care

with Michelle from Norwex


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When striving for wellness, eating a healthful diet is only one of the components to a multi-faceted approach towards feeling your best. Home care products and the potential toxic effects they can have on your health are often overlooked, and reading ingredient labels on cleaners and chemicals can be daunting.

Join MICHELLE from NORWEX, as she presents how you can gain control over what toxins you expose yourself and your family to, while also  earning how to read and understand cleaning labels!

Newcomers Bring a Friend and Receive 1 FREE 3D Daiwa massage chair session!

Biological Therapy 101

with Ian Kennedy

Thursday, January 31st
4-6 pm

Grab your friends and family and join one of The True Wellness Centers head practitioners, Ian, in a workshop that dives into the basic tenets of Biological Therapy! From sources of stress and toxicity to therapies that can assist the body in its own innate healing, this is one class not to miss!  Presentation will be followed by a Q&A and a 1 Day FREE pass to our True Advantage Membership Area with it’s 7 Restorative Wellness Devices.  This workshop will be held at Canna Care Docs, 809 N. Bethlehem Pike, Suite C-C, Ambler, PA 19002.

Call or email to reserve your seat.
Phone: 215-420-9554

True Advantage Membership 101

with Kelly Kennedy


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TRUE ADVANTAGE is an innovative, all-inclusive healthcare membership offering people the opportunity to go through a circuit of restorative wellness devices selected to support optimal function of the lymphatic system, kidneys, bowels and the body’s natural ability to detoxify.

Join KELLY as she explains the various devices and therapies included in our TA membership.

A raffle will be held that evening to win a 1 week membership! Value $75

Restorative Yoga & Essential Oils Workshop

with Tracey & Kate


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A season of change is here! Fall is upon us and Winter with all the holiday bustle is sure to follow. Plus our daily life that hits us from different angles keeps us in constant motion! Do you need a pick me up physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually??

Join Kate and Tracey for Restorative Yoga class with Essential Oils. This cozy combination will assist your body, mind, and soul to relax, breathe, and open up the body. The use of props during this class makes it easier for you to maintain balance. Integrating pure essential oils will completely enhance your experience. You will be able to gain knowledge with hands-on exposure as to how beneficial essential oils are to your overall health. So come and join a well-rounded evening that will help you in the days to come and the days that have passed.

Emotional Release Technique

with Ian Kennedy


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Join IAN as he presents a full class on the center’s most popular technique used by nearly all of our clients! Emotional Release Technique has the ability to change a client’s health dramatically; and this discussion will help you better answer:

  • where are our emotions stored?
  • does our mind perceive trauma differently than our body?
  • how can the lingering negative emotions from dramatic events be eliminated in the body?
  • what impact do emotions have on health

Newcomers bringing a friend will receive 1 FREE Daiwa massage chair session.

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