Meet Our Staff

 Ian Kennedy — Center Director and Biological Proponent

Ian Kennedy is a clinical nutritionist who over the past two decades studied in the fields of energetic therapies, Chinese medicine and European biological medicine. Ian has studied with and has been influenced by some of the most groundbreaking practitioners in holistic medicine and Biological Medicine such as Dr. Thomas Rau, Dr. Byron Braid, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr. James Odell, Dr. Devi Nambudripad and Dr. Dick Versendaal. Ian has a background in emergency medicine through the US Army as a former combat medic. Ian’s past in health and fitness also includes over 17 years as a martial arts instructor and owner/operator of a fitness facility.

Ian’s focus today with clients at True Wellness is vibrational rebalancing, nutrition, homeopathy and the emotional connection to health and wellness. Ian particularly enjoys working with children who are dealing with “learning disabilities” since he was plagued with some of the same issues throughout his schooling. He likes to help children discover their learning abilities while addressing any underlying issues that are present.

Ian is responsible for writing our monthly newsletter article and teaching seminars and monthly workshops on Biological Medicine at True Wellness.

Ian continues to study and consult with prominent practitioners both here in the United States and in Europe. His multi-disciplined approach and unique way of expanding the client’s understanding of the “how” and “why” of illness sets him apart from other practitioners. Ian is the founder of and True Wellness of PA.

 Kelly Kennedy — Biological Proponent & Executive Director

Kelly Kennedy is a biological holistic nutritionist whose studies began more traditionally as a pre-med student at Cornell University, receiving a degree in Biology. Her father had Hodgkin’s disease and passed away when she was just 20 years old. That same year she was in a bad car accident that left her in chronic pain, emotionally drained and her life in a state of upheaval.

After 3 years of succumbing to the contemporary allopathic approach without results, Kelly finally sought out a different approach and got relief from her pain permanently. Kelly did not understand precisely how she had healed, but knew she had found the answers she was seeking. Kelly began studying and working with Ian Kennedy and a skilled, passionate practitioner was born.

Kelly continues to study with many pioneers in biological medicine allowing her to accentuate her already vast experience in biological medicine, while giving her the ability to reach even more clients with a wellness approach that is truly “Bio-logical.”

Kelly specializes in Computerized Regulation Thermography and pleomorphism, spending the time needed with each client to be sure they have an understanding of what the test is indicating, what therapies may be suggested and why. She also offers nutritional guidance and performs therapies to improve the client’s regulation. To say Kelly is busy is an understatement; her guidance and enthusiasm are vital to the function of True Wellness and to the success of each client.

 Jessica Stevens — Human Resources Manager

Jessica Stevens began her journey with us in 2009, as the office manager and front desk reception coordinator for True Wellness. It was not long before her skills as a clinical assistant and client navigator became apparent. Over the years, her commitment and caring personality as well as her knowledge of Biological therapies has made Jess the perfect client liaison. Currently she helps clients understand their therapies and stay on track with any dietary or supplement protocols that may be suggested. Jessica helps navigate the sometimes unfamiliar waters of Biological medicine for each new client. Her vast knowledge of organic whole food nutrition makes her a wealth of information for those who wish to transition from the contemporary healthcare model to a more natural diet and a proactive lifestyle. Jessica, her husband and their three young children live a natural Biologically supportive lifestyle, making her uniquely equipped to help parents who wish to take the first steps in making the shift to a healthier lifestyle for the whole family.

 Julie Pestrak — Center Coordinator

Julie joined our team in 2014 and has become invaluable to the smooth operation of the office. Julie streamlined the reception, scheduling and check out experience for our clients. Julie is efficient and organized and is often a client’s first contact with True Wellness. She is always attentive and will be the person with whom you coordinate appointments. Her office duties are extensive yet her focus is always on solving any office related question that may arise for a client. The client experience at True Wellness is very important to us and Julie is on the front line of making each visit a pleasurable one. All of the staff at True Wellness works to ensure clients feel comfortable and welcome in our clinic. Julie is here to assist with scheduling, billing and all office related questions.

 Genevieve Greco — Certified Plant Based Nutritionist & Health Coach

Genevieve joined True Wellness in 2016 as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach. She is a recent graduate of West Chester University’s Nutrition & Dietetics program, currently obtaining her Masters degree in Community Nutrition at WCU. She worked as a retail dietician for Whole Foods Market for six-years. After struggling with her weight since childhood, she found herself weighing nearly 250 pounds in her senior year of High School. Deciding it was time for a permanent change, she took her health into her own hands, dove into learning the vast world of nutrition, and modified her diet/lifestyle to maintain a 125 pound weight loss for the past eight years.

She continued her education by completing Cornell University’s Plant Based Nutrition Program, and attained her title as a Holistic Nutritionist from New York’s Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Genevieve is available for one-on-one nutritional consultations, dietary assessments, in-home nutrition/cooking lessons, grocery tours, pantry revamps, wellness workshops, and more. To find out more about Genevieve, her additional services, or to schedule an appointment, please reach out to her at

 Emily Macleod — Yoga Coordinator and Instructor

Emily has been practicing yoga on and off for ten years. While in her early twenties, Emily started a daily practice and hasn’t taken a break since. As a former gymnast, the physical practice of yoga has always come as second nature to Emily, but after finding what yoga can do for the mind and heart she knew she had to share yoga with the world. With her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification in Vinyasa Flow, Emily strives to bring a smile to her student’s face with every practice. She also manages all instructors and yoga classes hosted at True Wellness. Click to learn more about Yoga.

 Willow Ross — Office Coordinator

Willow came to True Wellness to help part time at the front desk in 2014. We were fortunate enough to have her join us full time in October 2017. Her kind and joyful nature helps clients to feel welcome and at ease in the office. Her own journey to wellness for herself and her family makes her a great resource for our clients.

 Melissa Scarcelli — Business Manager

Melissa joined the True Wellness team after spending 4 years as a client. Her Sociology degree from the University of Delaware and her MBA from Temple University, coupled with her years of business and non-profit experience, helps True Wellness manage the bright future ahead. She has the unique vantage point of a client, which allows her to understand the business on a much deeper level. The personal success she experienced with the healing benefits of Biological Medicine, coupled with her business background, makes the position a perfect fit.

 Kelly Urban — Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist

Kelly joined the team in March 2018 as a Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist. She has been on a wellness journey of her own since 2009, including a cancer diagnosis. As a Cosmetologist, her clients revealed numerous health issues to her. As she became more aware of the symptom management in disease versus actual healing she began to research on her own. This led her to attend seminars and training classes related to dietary and lifestyle alternatives, including a Raw Food Certification and participating in detoxification programs. As a result she created Urban Raw Food, lecturing at various venues to educate attendees about the benefits of adding plant based foods to their diets. Her various certifications include Autonomic Response Testing, Raw food and Nutritional Science and Lymphatic Enhancement Training. She is a knowledgeable and welcome addition to our Center.

Fran Gorycki — Marketing Liaison

Fran was on the search for a holistic method of healing when she came upon our center. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. Following her heart and knowing that suppressing the symptoms of illness was not the answer has led her to seek care with us and join our team. Her desire to “spread the word” about our unique approach gives her the ability to manage our marketing, social media and wellness partnerships.

 Rosanna Smith LMT, BCTMB — Licensed Massage Therapist

Rosanna is a Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist BCTMB, LMT with over 1500 hours of Education and twenty-one years of experience in massage and Bodywork. Essential Oils quickly became her passion after experiencing their profound natural healing properties. She specializes in Young LivingRaindrop and Vitaflex Techniques. These techniques are complete modalities in themselves in that they reach all levels of the body, physically and emotionally.  She is also a Usui and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master/teacher and studied Holy Fire Karuna Reiki with William Lee Rand. She enhances her reiki healing sessions with essential oils.  Her favorite quote: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel.”  Maya Anjelou

 Kate Kim — Yoga Instructor/Wellness Assistant

Kate joined True Wellness in November 2017 as a Yoga Instructor. She is a passionate Wellness Advocate and Certified RYT-200 Yoga Teacher. Her continued dedication and commitment to holistic health soon expanded her role to Client Assistant for the True Advantage Membership Area. In July 2018, she took on the position of Wellness Assistant, where she supports practitioners and helps clients achieve tranquility at True Wellness.

 Sami Lenskold — Wellness Assistant & Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist

Sami spent 6 months in Tampa, FL, to become a certified personal trainer through the National Personal Training Institute. Prior to leaving on a backpacking trip to Southeast Asia, she was introduced to True Wellness as an alternative to seeing an allopathic doctor for vaccinations. Upon returning from many months of travel, Sami was inspired to live a truly fulfilling life and enhance her overall well-being of mind, body, and soul. She became a regular client of True Wellness and began doing therapy through the use of ERT, AEP, TAMA, etc. She was awestruck and intrigued by the results she saw and was instantly inclined to become more involved with True Wellness and learn everything she could about what is done at the Center. Sami began working as a Wellness Assistant and Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist.

 Tracey Breinich — Front desk/Wellness Assistant

Tracey spent several years at True Wellness as a client, treating her son’s complex health condition. Ten years later, she joined the team at the front desk and as a Wellness Assistant. True Wellness was part of the beginning of her journey to a natural holistic lifestyle for herself and her family. She left her teaching career as an elementary education teacher to work in the natural health field. She has a passion to share with others the avenues they can take to achieve a healthy lifestyle and to make educated choices.

 Nicole Pattison — Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist

Nicole first came to our center in a state of chronic illness. She has searched far and wide for an alternative means of healing and not only is she feeling better than she has in years, but she has joined our staff.  Her extensive background in aesthetics and passion for helping others has led her to this career change.  She made a promise to herself that her struggles would eventually guide her into helping others who are suffering; having walked in their shoes, her understanding is better than most.  Her Reiki 1 and 2 certifications and her training in Lymphatic Enhancement therapy make her a welcome addition to our team.

 Jessica Faulkner — Yoga Instructor

Jessica began practicing Yoga 7 years ago and fell in love with it ever since! She has always been passionate about helping people and after learning the many benefits of Yoga, she knew Yoga was the avenue to do just that. Jessica earned her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification in Vinyasa Flow in 2017 and loves working with her students to embrace the light that Yoga can shine into their lives.